Free MRCP PACES revision video

When revising for the MRCP PACES there is simply no substitute for practice.  And lots of it.

But how should you get this practice when so many clinical signs beloved of the PACES organisers occur so infrequently on the wards?  Either you patrol your hospital Trust all hours you’re not at work in the hope that patients with interesting clinical signs show up, or you pay a large amount for a weekend course – or you go without.

At Clinical Skills Pro we’ve got your back.  To help you along we’ve developed this free mini-quiz on a cardiology case that may come up in your exam.  It’s reasonably challenging if you’ve previously relied on echos for your heart murmurs, and even if you’re determined to track a patient down with this clinical sign it is likely to take quite a long time.

To take a look at this, simply head through to our latest free cardiology mini-quiz (in our mini-quizzes only heart sounds are played in the relevant place) and test yourself.  The questions start simple and get harder.

We hope you find it helpful.

Important tip: The audio in this video can only be appreciated using over-ear headphones.  Check out our site for affordable options.  We do not recommend listening to heart sounds in particular with other headphone types.  If you don’t have these to hand we recommend checking back once you’ve got hold of some.