Congratulations on completing ten carousels!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed your course so far and are learning lots.

There are two critical ingredients to passing the MRCP PACES:

  1. Practice – of your clinical examination skills on real patients.  Don’t neglect this.
  2. Exposure to real patients with real clinical signs.

Now that you have completed ten carousels you’ve done wonders for that vital second ingredient.  But please don’t neglect your practice.  We can’t do that for you.

We would like to ask a very small favour of you

We place a huge value on feedback from our students to help us develop our course further.  We read every message personally and use them to carefully curate our revision content plans for future students.

We also really value testimonials from current students who find our course useful.  This can help other doctors considering how to revise for the MRCP PACES.

If you’re enjoying the course, please take just a moment to submit a testimonial, some course feedback, or both using the short quiz coming up.

Thank you!

Dr Nidhi Gupta and Dr Edward Banham-Hall