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“This patient has been referred to the first fit clinic. ┬áPlease assess him.”

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The doctor has given him the diagnosis, but the doctor should have taken a brief history from the patient and checked his expectations as to what he was thinking might have happened. If you want to watch the relevant history station video related to this communications skills station, please explore that section of our site.

Driving and fits is a sensitive area and here the doctor checks how the patient has reached the hospital as this will impact how he then goes home.

The patient is understandably getting angry and upset as this is a big shock and while he does not initially like it, the doctor is trying to provide some support.

This is in fact a legal issue. It is easier for an upset and angry person to blame the person in front of them, as in you the doctor. However, this is a legal obligation and there is no wiggle room. It is not your job as the doctor to decide, you are just the messenger. The legal obligation as the doctor is to inform the DVLA. If the patient does not do so as there is a potential risk to the patient and to others and under these circumstances a doctor is duty bound to break patient confidentiality.

There is a difference between the Type 1 car versus HG driving licence. For more information regarding the rules with different licences, the DVLA web-site has all the information you require. The doctor mentions the possibility of prison, which is a possibility. This is not to scare the patient but the fact that he appears unwilling to accept what is legally required and hence the full potential consequences have to be explained. The doctor explains he has to be seizure free, which is an important part of the criteria for regaining a driving licence.

Finally, the doctor makes sure the patient understands what has happened and ensures it has been explained it in an understandable manner.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][/vc_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]