Station Progress:

You can get started revising for your MRCP PACES straight away.

You have 24 hour access to hour videos for the entire duration of your subscription.  Fit your revision around your life, not the other way round.

We do recommend that our students invest in a decent set of over-ear headphones, however, to really maximise the value they get from our cardiology content in particular.

We have a huge range of cardiology videos including very large numbers of heart murmurs for you to practice hearing.  However, heart murmurs by their very nature are often extremely low-pitched, and extremely cheap headphones might struggle to reproduce these tones.

Otherwise, you probably have all you need for your revision available – we kick off with a bunch of tutorials about how to conduct clinical examinations of various systems.

This can be a great refresher, and helpful to candidates who have neglected clinical examination since medical school somewhat.  However – if you are experienced in this you might find these tutorials somewhat easy.  Feel free to skip them and get on with the practice examination carousels that follow.

When you’re ready, just click the “Done” button below…