Ways you can fail MRCP PACES | No. 3

So what are the sleeves of dooooom? Are we just making this up, or is it really something that could lead you to failing the PACES? Well, it could lead you to failing the PACES.

In the abdominal station, one of the key conditions you should know inside out, upside down and backwards is dialysis in end stage renal failure patients. One of the key features of this are arteriovenous fistulae in the arms around the antecubital fossa or the brachial artery

If you do not pull up the sleeves and make sure you look and feel up both arms you will miss a key clinical finding, get the diagnosis wrong and fall prey to the sleeves of dooooom! And be warned – the examiners will make sure the sleeves are down.

So, with every abdominal examination make sure you check the arms to at least the mid upper-arm.  And beware the sleeves of dooooom!

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