Ways you could fail MRCP PACES | No. 1

All the doctors at Clinical Skills Pro have passed their MRCP PACES exam so we know how tough it is to pass and how easy it is to fail. You can know every clinical sign under the sun but make a simple error in your patient examination and it is all over. This is the first way you could miss an important clinical sign.

Yes the underpants of death can actually make you fail your PACES exam.

In the abdominal station one of the key clinical scenarios you must practice and learn about is renal transplant and the associated complications. However, as many renal transplants are placed in either the left or right iliac fossa, and the examiners will deliberately make sure any underpants will be covering this if you do not check below the waistline (while also maintaining the patient’s dignity and not exposing everything), then you will miss the telltale scar and palpable mass, miss the diagnosis, and fail.

So always remember to not fall prey to, the underpants of death!!!!!