20 great reasons to join Clinical Skills Pro’s online course

We really hope you’ve enjoyed your free MRCP PACES revision trial.

We want our practice stations to give you a real taste of what it feels like to be in the MRCP PACES exam, and to provide you with exposure to clinical signs which are often hard to encounter on the ward.

We have built a course that we believe offers the best MRCP PACES revision on the internet.  Subscribers get:

  1. Consultant led, consultant curated, consultant delivered curriculum and teaching.  Everything in our course is hand crafted for you, end to end by our course editors.
  2. Eighteen practice examination carousels to hone your skills – where else can you get that many practice exams under your belt? How many courses would you have to pay for to get through that many PACES carousels before exam day? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that this is amazing value for money!
  3. MASSIVE cost savings compared to attending a traditional course. Our packages start at a little over £100.  That’s around a tenth of what you could spend attending a commercial course in person! Spend the change on something fun.
  4. 24/7 access, around the clock, whenever you want,  for the duration of your subscription.
  5. Revise anywhere! Our entire site is mobile responsive
  6. Professionally studio filmed video for every case. No poorly-lit footage that prevents you seeing the clinical signs. Our experienced film crew shoot video to highlight what you need to learn.
  7. 1080p HD video streaming only, directly to you.  Only the best.
  8. Speed controls on every video.  Want to watch that in slow motion? Fine – play it half speed. Want to sprint through the first part of a video to revisit a certain sign? Watch video at up to twice normal speed to quickly get the knowledge you need.
  9. A comprehensive curriculum covering every common station in the MRCP PACES, often more than once.
  10. Complete course introduction, including guides to how to pass stations 2, 4 and 5
  11. Tutorials, including consultant delivered sessions on how to complete your examination routines quickly, efficiently, and without missing a thing.
  12. Quizzes after every carousel station to test and consolidate your knowledge. You’ll have examiners pressing you for answers in your PACES – prepare for your interrogation with us!
  13. Gold standard case presentations – first watch the station, then test your knowledge. Then see how your consultant tutors present their clinical findings to impress.
  14. 127 different heart murmurs.  Have you ever wished you could line up patients with different murmurs and listen to them one by one until you’ve grasped all the subtle differences? Now you can.  Reasonable quality over-ear headphones required.
  15. Animated eye abnormalities.  Not just 3rd, 4th and 6th nerve palsies.  We have animations of a relative afferent pupillary defect and internuclear ophthalmoplegia, too.
  16. Random short cases. Quickly brush up on neurofibromatosis, scleroderma (four cases), Graves disease (three cases), and tuberous sclerosis with our rapid-fire montages.
  17. Every JVP abnormality ever described. All of them.  Lined up on one page.  Watch them side by side until you can tell them apart.
  18. A comprehensive award system – our subscribers earn achievements as they progress through the course.  Build up your very own virtual trophy cabinet as you build your expertise and prepare to pass with our MRCP PACES revision course.
  19. A virtual notebook in which you are free to jot down your own thoughts, reflections and learning points as you go. Download at your convenience.
  20. Continually updated and edited. Unlike a book which is usually out of date by the time it’s on the shop shelf. Want to learn more about something? Tap the “Leave Feedback” tab on the right and fire off a message to your course editors.  Everything gets read personally by our consultants and shapes our future work.

We’re really excited to bring you what we believe is the best MRCP PACES revision, anywhere, at any price.