MRCP PACES revision course bulk deals

Maximise value from your study budget with bulk purchase options.  Corporate pricing offers significant discounts to Trusts, deaneries and postgraduate medical education centres.



Subscriber benefits


Bulk order pricing

Depending on your volume requirements, we offer discounted options to hospitals, deaneries and postgraduate centres

No hassle deployment

Instantly offer all your junior doctors 24/7 access to 18 practice PACES examinations and 302 practice stations

Boost recruitment and satisfaction

Attract junior doctors to your organisation by offering free access to elite postgraduate training


302 practice cases

Immersive exposure to over 300 common MRCP PACES cases – the ultimate exam practice course.

18 practice carousels

Prepare your junior doctors for MRCP PACES with 18 practice exam carousels.

127 heart murmurs

Line up 127 patients with different murmurs in a row and let your junior doctors compare them all day long.

Access anywhere

Global access to MRCP PACES revision course. Internet connection required.

Elite consultant teaching

Top UK consultants examine patients with real clinical signs, then present their findings.

Earn prizes

Gamified awards and prizes as your juniors’ clinical skills advance. A comprehensive award system for all our subscribers.


Comprehensive curriculum

Every common station in the MRCP PACES, often more than once!

Work at your own pace

Our video player provides speed controls for every part of our course. Let your juniors work at their own pace, in their own time.


Examination tutorials

Video tutorials on how to expertly conduct thorough examinations of each organ system and identify subtle signs

Save over £1000 per doctor

Our online revision course is more than £1000 cheaper than many traditional courses.


Example presentations

Gold standard case presentations and discussions. Train your doctors to present their findings.

Professionally filmed

All our videos are professionally studio filmed in HD video. Our experienced film crew showcase rare clinical signs.

Eye abnormalities

Animations of subtle clinical signs in the eye: 3rd, 4th, 6th nerve palsies, internuclear ophthalmoplegia and relative afferent pupillary defects


JVP abnormalities

Videos of every recognised JVP abnormality with detailed descriptions of how to interpret this important clinical sign


Virtual notebook

Juniors can jot down thoughts, reflections and learning points as their skills develop. Then download at their convenience.


Always up to date

Unlike a textbook, we continually update our course in response to new evidence and guidelines.

Practice quizzes

Typical MRCP PACES examiner questions after every station in our practice exam carousels

Responsive to doctors' needs

Our site is fully responsive – revise on phone, tablet or desktop. All that is required is high quality headphones.

Upskill Your Junior Doctors So They Pass PACES With Ease

Offer the most comprehensive MRCP PACES revision course in the world so that junior doctors can enter their exam with confidence, having encountered all common clinical scenarios seen in the exam



What People Are Saying

I am a medical doctor training in Germany. In order to prepare for MRCP PACES, I was afraid that I would need to come to visit PACES courses many times. I strongly believe that I am now well prepared through your lectures and your variety of cases without a requirement to go to UK again and again. Thank you so much for this.



“Brilliant website to use for PACES prep with excellent videos, quiz and summaries of disease which are concise and easy to remember!”


United Kingdom

“I liked the explanation of topics, plus the discussion of how to structure answers to common PACES questions. Pacing of the videos was exactly right.”


United Kingdom

“Loved the explanations and pacing of the videos.”



“What a fantastic course! I have already completed ten practice examinations before my MRCP PACES for less than a tenth the price of a normal course. I would happily recommend Clinical Skills Pro to anyone.”


United Kingdom

“Brilliant website to use for PACES prep with excellent videos, quiz and summaries of disease which are concise and easy to remember!”


United Kingdom