1-2-1 PACES Training

Communication Skills Masterclass




How it works

Communication skills training

Online access

Make an hour-long video call to a highly trained actor

Two PACES Communication Stations

Your trainer will undertake two ultra-realistic exam scenarios with you

Get feedback

After conducting your scenarios receive personalised advice about what went well and how to improve


Introductory video

I thought the stations were carried out in a manner very similar to an actual OSCE/clinical exam. The actor/examiner was fantastic and it was a truly immersive experience. Period of questioning and feedback were also much appreciated.


United Kingdom


Benefits to preparing with us

Flexible scheduling

Coordinate an appointment at your convenience with your trainer

Completely confidential

No crowd of onlookers. It’s just you and your trainer.



Our scenarios are written to faithfully reflect some of the most common MRCP PACES stations


Your questions answered

Who is this training for?

We’ve designed this training for all doctors taking the MRCP PACES.

How much experience do I need to do this training?

No preparation is needed prior to this training, aside from a knowledge base in keeping with expectations for a typical MRCP PACES station.

How do I book my training?

After purchasing a training session you will be emailed contact details for your trainer. You then arrange a mutually convenient time for the training session to take place and they will share video call details with you.

What should I expect during the training?

Your training session will run something like this:

  • 5 minutes to read your scenario
  • 14 minutes to work through the scenario with your trainer
  • 1 minute for you to reflect
  • 5 minutes for questions
  • 5 minutes for feedback from your trainer

You’ll work through this twice, taking a full hour.

What scenarios come up?

It’s top secret! Most candidates like to practice as though they’re taking the exam, so you have to handle whatever comes up on the day.

If you really want to know ahead of time (we don’t recommend it) just ask your actor by email before you meet and explain you’d like to prepare.

Do I need any special equipment?

You’ll need enough computer or mobile hardware to make an online call.

A webcam is highly recommended to maximise your experience but is not essential.

What does the training cost?

We charge £80 to cover the costs of your trainer and the behind the scenes organising that ensures you have a great experience.

Does it matter what time zone I'm in?

No – providing you’re happy to be flexible with a morning or evening call we can figure out a mutually convenient time.

Are the scenarios realistic?

Absolutely. Our scenarios are designed by two experienced hospital consultants with years of experience training doctors to pass their MRCP PACES.

Does anyone watch me doing the training?

It’s just you and your trainer. Completely confidential. No public shaming like we see happen at in-person courses.