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9 practice long cases

Immersive exposure to 9 practice long cases – the ultimate RACP DCE exam practice course.

85 practice short cases

Confidently enter your exam ready for anything, having prepared with more exam stations than any other course!

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I sat my clinical exam for the first time using clinicalskillspro as my exclusive source of online training. The accessibility of cases, key physical signs, examination techniques, and presentation skills regardless of where I was was invaluable.

All the best to everyone studying, and to the team who put this amazing resource together.

Dr Rory Ingham

United Kingdom


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Elite teaching

Watch how top doctors examine patients with real clinical signs, then present their findings

Professionally filmed

All our videos are professionally studio filmed in HD video. Our experienced film crew showcase rare clinical signs.


Comprehensive curriculum

Review every common station in the RACP DCE! Our course covers nearly every case you could see

Brilliant website to use for PACES prep with excellent videos, quiz and summaries of disease which are concise and easy to remember!


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Maximise your study time

Practice quizzes

Prepare with typical RACP DCE examiner questions after every station in our practice exam carousels


Virtual notebook

Jot down your thoughts, reflections and learning points as your skills develop. Download at your convenience


Always up to date

Unlike a textbook, we continually update our course in response to new evidence and guidelines.

I passed – it was 6 marks short of 100%! Thanks very much for Clinical Skills Pro – it was a very useful revision aid. Done and dusted for me – can focus on becoming a better doctor now :)”


United Kingdom


Tailored to you

Work at your own pace

Our video player provides speed controls for every part of our course. Work at your own pace.

Responsive to your needs

Our site is fully responsive – revise on your phone, tablet or desktop. All you need is high quality headphones.

Access anywhere

Wherever you are in the world prepare for your RACP DCE. All you need is an internet connection.


Examination tutorials

Video tutorials on how to expertly conduct thorough examinations of each organ system and identify subtle signs


Example presentations

Watch gold standard case presentations and discussions. See how top doctors present their findings.

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