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free MRCP PACES revision | Clinical Skills Pro

The MRCP PACES examination is an expensive examination to participate in, and to revise for.  Not only do you sustain significant costs taking your part 1 and part 2 examinations you now have to pay an even greater examination fee to take the PACES due to the costs involved in hosting the exam.

Then you have to pay for courses in order to see patients with rare and uncommon clinical signs.  These serve the useful purpose of allowing you to practice your examination technique and to build your confidence – however they are not cheap and it is perfectly possible to spend over £1,000 per course.

In sum, the cost of revising for the MRCP PACES is significant.

At Clinical Skills Pro we are here to help.  Not only are our paid revision packages very significantly cheaper than a standard residential course but we have several completely free resources to help you along your way:

  1. Our Free Trial.  Hone your skills on a respiratory station in which you watch a professionally produced and edited HD video of a doctor examining a patient with an uncommon respiratory condition.  Observe the patient’s clinical signs carefully, then answer the accompanying questions to test your diagnosis and your knowledge.
  2. Our email newsletter.  We like to stay in touch.  All subscribers receive more free revision videos and quizzes straight to their inbox.  Sign up via our Home page then test your skills in cardiology, plus get regular updates whenever we release a new post on…
  3. Our blog.  This is where our authors regular post new insights and updates on the MRCP PACES examination.  Our blog is continually updated and contains a wealth of experience, advice and tips for your preparation, your examination day, and your recovery.

All of these resources are free to all our customers, forever.  Paying subscribers get full access to this same content and a massive database of clinical signs and practice examinations to carry them through.

Clinical Skills Pro.  We’ll put you through your PACES.